MGNREGA –Central Govt. to Revise Rates under National Rural Jobs Scheme


Central govt. is intending to make amendment in compensation under its leader Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA). There is quite a while request to adjust MGNREGA Wages every Day under National Rural Jobs Scheme (NREGA) to least wages of individual states. Last time, the arrangement of 2 compensation was done in the FY 2009. However, from that point forward, difference happens in light of the fact that few states have discretionarily expanded their base wages. For untalented laborers, MGNREGA Wages every Day ranges from Rs. 168 in Bihar and Jharkhand to Rs. 281 in Haryana. Be that as it may, MGNREGA least wages (w.e.f April 2018) in Bihar is Rs. 237, Jharkhand is Rs. 210 and Haryana […]

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